We Should Overcome Our Egos And "The Slave And The Queen/ King" In O


10:29, August 7, 2013

Well done… I believe the civil society actors in Armenia are making a
great progress in terms of self organisation skills, active citizenship
discourse and format development. The positive changes are occurring
in terms of volunteer activism, the recognition of civic activism,
the receptivity if active citizenship concept and implementation and
all this in few years time.

The big challenge at this stage in my opinion is more than skills
development in the fields of self organisation and discourse
techniques, it is to go beyond and RESPECT and APPLY all values of
democratic active citizenship based on human rights such as, respect of
human dignity, tolerance, freedom of thinking and debate, solidarity,
cooperation. I could not agree with what some of the activists did on
“public hearing” (the one with Public Council participation).

For me the main issue is not the “boycott” of TV channels or not. IT IS
THE CULTURE of making the positive change and that culture was absent
at that “public hearing”, it was mixture of mobism, intolerance, ”
no game against us”, aggressivity, disregard of human dignity. This
is exactly the culture that the new generation has inherited from
the old generation that created the society we live in at present.

The self refection is key on the value and cultural dimension and
HOW the one’s who want to bring positive change, how us, we build
a new society based on those values by changing our behaviors, our
mindsets, and co-create with each other all the time. The formats
are “formal” like we have now at state level if the substance is not
in accordance with those values that we REALLY carry, use and give
example by our behaviors.

We should overcome our egos and “the slave and the queen/ king” in
our ego in order to be capable of self reflection on this dimension
, cultural and behavioral dimension. The Armenian civil society and
active citizenship is NOW, at this stage of its development, facing
this key challenge.

Armineh Arakelian, 5.08.2013


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