The eighth summer in "Aram Manoukian Summer Camp"

The eighth summer in “Aram Manoukian Summer Camp”

15:36, August 3, 2013

For the past eight consecutive years, the `Aram Manoukian Summer Camp’
has been welcoming the children of Artsakh, in the mythical city of
Shoushi, in Artsakh.

Conceived, planned and prepared by Ayda Shamlian, from Canada, with
the assistance of her husband Haytoug and along with their two
children Badrouyk and Dessyl, this event took place during the last
six years in the community complex of the Naregatsi Art Institute in

Implemented over a period of three weeks (including weekends), the
program is founded on the notions of culture, arts, nation and faith,
and includes numerous playful and instructive events, various athletic
games, a class of cultural expression, meals, science experiments in
an amusing form, movies, and a special session of handicraft and
artistic activities.

Each and every day of the Camp, along with their feelings of joy and
satisfaction, the children take home the original works of arts and
crafts which they put together during the day. At the end of the
Camp, all the material brought from Canada and used for the program is
fully distributed to the children.

Since July 15, for the 9th consecutive year, the `Aram Manoukian
Summer Camp’ is once again taking place in the Naregatsi Art Institute
Centre of Shoushi, at the initiative and with the executive patronage
of the Ayda-Haytoug Shamlian family, and with the significant support
of a large number of their relatives and friends – without which it
would have been impossible to continue this mission, expending it to
its current level, this Summer Camp having developed into an
institution – .

This year, 370 children and teenagers are attending this Summer Camp.

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