Al-Qaeda Chief Accuses US Of Egypt Plotting


09:16 03.08.13

The al-Qaeda leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, has accused the United States
of “plotting” with Egypt’s military, secularists and Christians to
overthrow Islamist president Mohamed Morsi, in an audio recording
posted on militant Islamist forums, Aljazeera reported.

In his first public comments on the July 3 military coup, the Al-Qaeda
boss, himself an Egyptian, said: “Crusaders and secularists and the
Americanised army have converged … with Gulf money and American
plotting to topple Mohamed Morsi’s government.”

In the 15-minute recording, Zawahiri also accused Egypt’s Coptic
Christian minority of supporting the Islamist president’s toppling
to attain “a Coptic state stripped from Egypt’s south”.

He attacked the interim vice president, Mohamed ElBaradei, as an
“envoy of American providence”.

Zawahiri, who once belonged to the Egyptian Islamic Jihad group,
criticised Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood movement for going soft on
applying strict Islamic law.

Morsi’s “Muslim Brotherhood government strove to please America and
the secularists as much as it could, but they were not satisfied with
it,” said Zawahiri.

“They did not trust it (Morsi’s government) because they did not
forget the Brotherhood’s slogan: ‘Jihad is our war, and death in the
path of God is our highest aspiration’,” he said.

“The Brotherhood abandoned that slogan, substituting it with the
slogan ‘Islam is the solution,’ but the Crusaders and secularists
did not forget,” he said.

“What happened is the biggest proof of the failure of democratic
means to achieve an Islamic government,” he said of the coup.

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