Yerevan Municipality Can Find Alternatives To Transport Fare Hike –


10:57 26.07.13

In case the employees of the Yerevan City Hall cudgel their brains a
little bit, they will find a solution to the problems that led to the
recent hike in the public transport fares, says the former governor
of the administrative district Arabkir.

Speaking to, Hovhannes Shahinyan stressed the importance of
taking a professional approach to the problem, basing conclusions on
objective evaluations. “It is important to understand the professional
justification, not the individual bias; those are different things. If
the 100 Drams’ fare gives the route owner a profit of 10 Drams, let
him earn those 10 Drams, but it is not the route owners they have to
settle the matter with,” Hovhannes Shahinyan, a member of the Rule
of Law party, told

It comes after Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan said in a Thursday
address that he is suspending an earlier decision on hiking the public
transport fares by 50%.

“We still have very serious decisions to adopt in relation to the
services,” he said. “If the transport is under municipal control, if it
belongs to Yerevan, they will clearly see the solution to the problem.”

Shahinyan, a former candidate of the Yerevan city council, noted
further that the hike policies are likely to affect the entire market.

“It’s not only the transport, but also the bakery prices. Have you
weighed bread to see whether the measurements correspond to the
price?” he said, stressing the need of a more effective management

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From: A. Papazian

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