Yerevan Mayor And Council Violated Constitution And Law – Newspaper


July 26, 2013 | 08:51

YEREVAN. – The protests against the 50-100-percent hike in the
intercity public transport were held for five days in Armenia’s
capital city Yerevan, Aravot daily reports.

“The [Yerevan] Municipality had issued the list of the organizations
that serve the intercity [public transport] routes of Yerevan. There
are 69 organizations in the list. And, in line with official data,
Yerevan has more than one million inhabitants. In the case of such
ratio, and in general, the interest of the inhabitants is priority.

“The main thing is that Yerevan’s [public-transport-]route-proprietor
Mayor and Council of Elders have violated Armenia’s Constitution and
the law ‘On Local Self-Governance in the City of Yerevan.’

“Pursuant to the law, the Council of Elders is the highest authority
of local self-governance in Yerevan, which oversees the activities of
the Mayor of Yerevan. When exercising its powers, the Council of Elders
is independent and it functions solely in the interest of Yerevan and
on its behalf. [And]the [public transport fare] hike definitely is
not in the interest of Yerevan and the city population,” Aravot writes.

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