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10:35, 18 July, 2013

The small-to-medium business is of a certain importance for the
steadfast economic growth of a country, as it gives innovational
impulses to the economy. Armenpress News Agency highly appreciates
the significant role the small-to-medium business plays; each week
Armenpress introduces business stories regarding various branches of
economy. This time the project is dedicated to the story of Hasmik
Barkhudaryan, who established a catering company and advises the
newcomers to make analyses before starting a business.

YEREVAN, JULY 18, ARMENPRESS: Aries Catering is a well known and
demanded company at present. The 45-year-old Hasmik Barkhudaryan
established the company more than 15 years ago.

“It was the crisis years, the time of cold and darkness. I decided
to found a company providing fourchettes. People laughed at me,
saying that electricity was available for some 2-3 hours a day,
how am I going to provide any kind of receptions. There was nothing
to eat,  only pasta and I was going to make canapes, cocktails and
organize parties”, – remembers Hasmik Barkhudaryan.

“I was very happy if I had one or two orders a year”, – said the
businesswoman. Since the third year of the establishment “there was
not time even to breath”, – says Hasmik Barkhudaryan.

During 15 years the company has become a big catering company and
the founder decided to widen her business.

The largest difficulty for Hasmik Barkhudaryan during those 15 years
was to combine business with her family. “As a woman I can mention
this. We had three children, I was pregnant when working and was
running home from work to take care of my children. That was the
hardest moment in my business”, – notes Hasmik.

On April 5 2013 Hasmik Barkhudaryan was rewarded with the special
prize of the International Finance Corporation in the framework of
the Armenia’s Prime Minister Awards “Best Businesswoman 2013”. 



The success story and photos provided by the Small and Medium
Entrepreneurship Development National Center of Armenia

Article by Davit Muradyan

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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