Will Artak Budaghyan Be Enough Principled?


Colonel Artak Budaghyan was charged under Article 137.1 of the RA
Criminal Code since having learned that his brother Avetik was beaten
in the car of Syunik former governor Surik Khachatryan, armed Artak
Budaghyan went to his house and threatened the governor and his
family. Budaghyan isn’t pleading guilty.

The case on Avetik Budaghyan’s murder in front of the house of former
Syunik governor in an incident which injured Artak Budaghyan and one of
the governor’s bodyguards, is acquiring a key meaning. It may either
become the beginning of the celebration of justice, which will break
the vicious biased judiciary of Armenia, or it will bury the hopes
for transformations in our life for long.

The trial is unusually public. First, the security camera video
was released to prove that Budaghyan brothers attacked Khachatryan’s
house and the governor’s son shot at Budaghyan in self-defense. Later,
other details came out. Budagyan’s lawyer Hayk Alumyan said that the
real video shows that his client was shot from behind and that the
incident didn’t happen in the governor’s yard, but on the street,
which means it was not an armed attack.

At the same time, everyone is sure the case won’t be considered in
the legal, but in the political, or rather criminal field. Immediate
statements were issued that the authorities are trying to defend Surik
Khachatryan though his son was arrested right after the incident and
was charged with murder. Then, they said Surik Khachatryan himself
shot and that everything would be done to prove this fact.

This case is symptomatic because both sides are close to the government
and equal in terms of “class weight”. It was hoped that in this case
the authority would take a purely legal decision. But, most of all,
it was decided to do everything so that both sides had “minimal loss”.

Proceeding from this logic, it t is not ruled out that Budaghyan is
being blackmailed and “convinced” not to present direct accusations
to Surik Khachatryan being threatened with the accusation of an
armed attack.

Since a milder charge was presented to Artak Budaghyan rather than
armed attack and wounding the bodyguard, room for “negotiation” is
left. Now, much depends on how principled Artak Budaghyan will be. He
may agree to serve his term in prison even for an armed assault,
if only those guilty are punished with the full weight of the law.

Judging by the statements of Artak Budaghyan’s lawyer, his client is
decisive, and he has materials which have not yet been released. Those
are legal documents which may lose force when you are in the political
or criminal plot.

Naira Hayrumyan 12:20 10/07/2013 Story from Lragir.am News:


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