Expert’s Blog: Armenia Should Take Decisive Step


July 09

In an interview with, the former Russian ambassador to
Armenia Vyacheslav Kovalenko presented Russia’s attitude and position
on the integration processes of Armenia. In particular, he noted
that following the initialing of Armenia’s Association Agreement
with the European Union, Russia and Armenia will be guided by their
own interests.

If Russia believes that in that case some serious upheavals await
Armenia, it is mistaken. The point is not that Armenia does not want
to maintain strategic and allied relations with Russia, but that
Russia has been guided only by its own interests regarding any issue.

It is necessary to realize once and for all that the initialing of the
Association Agreement with the EU is of great importance to Armenia.

First, Armenia will show in this way that as a principled and
independent country, it is guided by its own interests even in such
a serious situation. Moreover, Armenia made great effort to achieve
the stage of the agreement’s initialing, and in this case Armenia
should act, being aware that there is no inverse path.

In his interview, the Russian diplomat speaks about centuries-old
friendship of Armenia and Russia and quotes Armenian classics, giving
proof for the indestructible ties of the two countries, but he forgets
about the episodes when Russia acted incorrectly, to put it mildly,
at some points crucial to Armenia.

One example is the special session of Caucasian Bureau on July 5,
1921, when under Stalin’s pressure a decision was taken that Nagorno
Karabakh would remain as part of the Azerbaijani SSR, whereas the
previous day it was decided that Nagorno Karabakh would be part of
the Armenian SSR. It shows that V. Kovalenko either exaggerates or
ignores very important events.

In implementing its policy, Russia is always guided by own interests,
ignoring the interests of its allies.

The former ambassador touched upon a very important issue: What real
help, expect for advice, has the EU given to Armenia? Assistance of
the EU and Russia is the subject of another talk. But let’s ask a
question in response to that question. What efforts has Russia made in
the past 20 years so that Armenia would head for the Eurasian space –
in the context of integration processes?

Perhaps, it is in that context that Russia has consistently supplied
arms to a country, which constantly threatens to resume the war, or
Russia has acquitted a number of countries of their debts of billions,
while in return for a $100 million debt, it took away the strategic
ally’s strategic facilities, the majority of which either don’t work
or work at low power.

Russia should realize that as a regional superpower, it is of
importance to Armenia just like Armenia is of importance to it.

The only Russian military base in the South Caucasus is located in
the territory of Armenia. Following the suspension of the use of the
Gabala radar station in Azerbaijan, Armenia’s role has increased. All
this shows that the strategic and allied relations are important not
only for Armenia, but also for Russia.

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From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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Emil Lazarian

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