Are Armenian-Russian Relations Spoiled Against Putin?


The feeling is that Russia is intentionally doing everything
to ruin its relations with Armenia. Igor Muradyan, for example,
thinks that a group of people in the Russian leadership is pursuing
the aforementioned goals, perhaps in order to prove the failure of
Putin’s foreign policy.

Anyway, this group seems to be close to its goal. All the recent
initiatives of Russia caused protests in Armenia. Like never
before, Armenians are sure that Russia is isolating Armenia from all
regional projects, Russia seizes all the infrastructures of Armenia,
it initiates a race of armaments in the region which will lead to a
new war. They are saying now that Russia has sold to Azerbaijan the
most terrible mass destruction weapon – Smerch.

Does Russia really want to ruin its relations with Armenia? Does Russia
have a common policy for Armenia? The impression is that everything is
done chaotically, proceeding from the interests of different groups
in Moscow. If Russia had a common policy for Armenia (it also means
a common policy for the larger region of Minor Asia), it would try
to strengthen Armenia instead of causing disgust towards Kremlin.

In Armenia, in answer to Russia’s policy, specific proposals are made,
such as withdrawal from the CSTO, demand to withdraw Russian military
bases from Armenia, abolish the agreement on strategic partnership
and nationalize infrastructures which now belong to Russia. There
is also a proposal to announce willingness to join NATO and the EU,
settle relations with Iran and put forth territorial claims to Turkey.

These proposals which are now voiced at the level of some politicians
and experts are gradually becoming logical answers to Russia. Moscow is
used to “unilateral” dependence of Armenia on Russia. It is believed
that Yerevan cannot present any claims to Moscow. But this is a
wrong opinion. Perhaps, claims have already been made, otherwise the
monsters of Russian military diplomacy Patrushev and Bordyusha would
not bother to visit Armenia.

The public opinion in Armenia is challenging Russia. If five years ago
over 90% of the Armenian population supported relations with Russia,
2 years ago 75%, recent studies found out the current percentage is 61.

It is not due to the pro-European policy of Armenia but the mediocre
policy of Russia, or rather the lack of policy altogether.

Another similar step, and it will be hard to save the relationship
between Armenia and Russia. It is already in danger. Questions are
asked to Russia from Karabakh which used to be the stronghold of the
Kremlin policy in the region.

Hardly anyone in Armenia would like to cut ties with Russia, and
the Russian leadership will hardly bring the matter up. Though,
unfortunately, the current steps of the Russian leadership do not seem
capable of rational assessment of the situation. But everyone needs
to understand that if relations between Armenia and Russia are ruined,
responsibility will be on the Kremlin and its current leadership.

Naira Hayrumyan 12:06 03/07/2013 Story from News:

From: Baghdasarian

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