State And Judicial Systems Engaged In "Cleaning" Ruben Hairapetyan


On the occasion of the death anniversary of military doctor Vahe
Avetyan, members of Vahe Avetyan civic movement convened a press
conference and summed up the results of their activities of one year.

Garegin Chugaszyan said that this year was full of civil rebellions,
though the regime tried to make the society silent and cover up
the crime. The fact that Serzh Sargsyan has recently awarded Ruben
Hairapetyan means that the judicial and state systems are engaged in
“cleaning” Ruben Hairapetyan.

Ethnographer Hranush Kharatyan thinks that the answer to the civil
rebellion was the murders in Gyumri, the assassination of Proshyan
village head and the murder in front of Suren Khachatryan’s house.

She recalled that Suren Khachatryan has also been awarded by the
president. She said that it is clear that Suren Khachatrya won’t be
punished for his crimes because it will become more and more difficult
to do it.

15:53 28/06/2013 Story from News:

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