Ignorance On Syria


Waikato Times (Hamilton, New Zealand)
June 26, 2013 Wednesday

Although I’m not a Syrian , I have strong family links there from
two lines. As a Christian, I know that thousands of Iraqi Christian
refugees have tried to rebuild a new life there and are now wondering
where they could flee to as most Western countries, including New
Zealand, strongly oppose welcoming Christian refugees although,
strangely enough, they are open to Muslims.

I also belong to the Armenian people, my grandparents having fled
Turkey for France in the 1920s, after the jihad against the Armenians
that made 1.5 million Christians victims. Aleppo was the residence
of an important Armenian community with its monument to commemorate
the 1915 genocide now destroyed by the rebels and most of its churches.

For over two years, I have been appalled by the sheer stupidity and
total ignorance about the complex political and religious history of
Syria displayed in most reports, the worst being the televised ones.

At last, Chris Trotter in the Friday, June 21 Opinion Piece has had the
guts to go against the trend and provide the readers with an article
loaded with insight and common sense associated with the courage
to warn us that something even more sinister is looming ahead if we
don’t wake up and start challenging media and governments about the
possible deadly results of senseless reports and political decisions
on Syria. (Abridged)



From: A. Papazian

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