Armenia To Defend Karabakh In Case Of Aggression – Defense Minister


Interfax, Russia
June 26 2013

Yerevan remains the security guarantor of Nagorny Karabakh, Armenian
Defense Minister Seyran Oganyan said.

“In case of possible resumption of military actions against Nagorny
Karabakh, Armenia will be completely engaged in them and will make
an enemy to give up his intentions,” Oganyan said at the second forum
Political and Security Guidelines for Formation of Collective Security
Treaty Organization’s (CSTO) Military Element being held in Yerevan.

“Armenia has to be ready to resist all aggressive intentions of
an enemy, especially taking into account that namely Armenia is the
guarantor of the Physical security of the people of Nagorny Karabakh,”
Oganyan said.

The situation in South Caucasus remains difficult and potentially
volatile, Oganyan said.

“The geopolitical situation in the zone of the CSTO responsibility is
complex. Despite the fact that the majority of the CSTO member-states
are in Central Asia, South Caucasus still remains in the focus of the
CSTO attention. Not sharing borders with the CSTO partners, Armenia
is more than interested in eliminating the tension in the region and
introducing stability,” Oganyan said.

The Nagorny Karabakh conflict settlement is a priority for Armenia,
Oganyan said.

“We are definitely committed to the peaceful way of resolving the
issue, however Armenia has been involved into arms race Azerbaijan
had begun. This country has said openly that it intended to achieve
reconsideration of the status quo with military means, which makes
us to spend considerable part of state funds on improving defense
systems,” Oganyan said.


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