Armenia Faces Serious Demographic Problem – UNFPA Representative


14:00 ~U 28.06.13

Armenia faces serious issues in three areas that describe the
demographic situation in Armenia – birth rate, migration and aging,
UNFPA Armenia Office representative Garik Hayrapetyan told the
reporters on Friday.

He said that after the collapse of the USSR the birth rate in Armenia
reduced twice.

“The aging population in Armenia is more than 12%. Armenia is among
the countries with growing population. With existing forecasts in
2020-2024 the number of Armenia’s population above 60 will make 20%
and our population will be considered aging,” he said, adding that
each year 1% of population leaves the country which is a high index
for Armenia.

Asked whether the ban of abortions may result in the growth of the
birth rate, Hayrapetyan said that it has never had a positive impact,
moreover it results in the growth of maternal mortality rate. “We
must stress that during the past 10 years no woman died in Armenia of
abortion. It is a very important circumstance. The maternal mortality
rate has reduced thrice since 2000,” he said.

Hayrapetyan said the biggest issue is gender-agreed abortion. He
said the research has showed that Armenia is the third country in
this respect after China and Azerbaijan.

“But we are the first in the provinces, in Shirak, Gegharkunik. Here
126 boys are born against 100 girls. As a result in 15-20 years
about 93,000 mothers will not be born. If the tendency continues the
population will reduce by other 80,000,” he said.

Hayrapetyan stressed that there is no need to sharply ban the
gender-agreed abortions as it will result in corruption growth as
the doctors will take more money for telling the baby’s age.

“Our issue is to make people understand that baby girl is not less
significant than baby boy,” he said.

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