Levon’s And Robert’s "Offshore"


The offshore scandal in Armenia is getting bigger. Apparently, Tigran
Sargsyan didn’t joke when he said that the misappropriations of all
time should be revealed. So his former party fellow Arshak Sadoyan
decided to “catch the big fish” – Levon Ter-Petrosyan.

Arshak Sadoyan recalled in a press conference that Ter-Petrosyan
carried out money laundering in offshore with the help of the minister
of energy Sepuh Tashchyan, 1992-93, and minister of communications
Grigor Poghpatyan, 1991-98.

The point is about the ArmenTel deal. Under Ter-Petrosyan’s tenure,
TVT offshore company was opened and which bought almost the half
of ArmenTel assets. Then, press reported about the deal which was
particular because TVT had no investment obligations. TVT received
about 85 million USD from the deal in 1998 and ArmenTel passed to
the Greek OTE Company, which became a monopolist in the telephone
communication sphere.

Later, Armenian authorities accused OTE for being engaged in laundering
of Armenian dirty money. But TVT remained in shadow. By the way,
former Armenian speaker Tigran Torosyan published a number of articles
on this matter then.

But the interesting in this story is that in case it develops,
Robert Kocharyan may also be involved because ArmenTel was sold during
Kocharyan’s tenure. Once, press supporting Levon Ter-Petrosyan used to
answer allegations against him with allegations against Kocharyan. But
now, Kocharyan and Ter-Petrosyan are “allies” otherwise the press
will recall the sale of brandy factory, the construction boom and
other stories.

By the way, Arshak Sadoyan said in the same press conference that
the recent internal political scandals have been caused by Kocharyan.

Life is becoming more interesting. There seems to be nothing new but
the old is becoming relevant. It is hard to say what will follow all
this. One thing is evident – the chain seems to be collapsing.

11:50 27/06/2013 Story from Lragir.am News: