Syrian Arab Army Will Pursue Terrorists All Over Syria – Information


15:44 20/06/2013 ” IN THE WORLD

Syrian Information Minister, Omran al-Zoubi, stressed that the Syrian
Arab army will pursue terrorists in all Syrian territories and will
restore security and stability, adding that it is only a matter of
time, Syrian Free Press reported.

The Syrian Arab army is the greatest national guarantee and it is going
to win the battle against terrorism, al-Zoubi said in an interview
with al-Mayadin TV.

“The battle against terrorism and foreign interference is not easy as
large numbers of terrorists are sent to Syria from many countries,”
the minister added.

Concerning the G8 Summit statement, he explained that the ability
of the member states to transform words into action on the ground
will assess the statement, pointing out to the indications before
and after the summit on arming terrorism in Syria.

Minister al-Zoubi said, “No aggression from the Syrian state took
place on the Lebanese territories and there will never be any because
we have a national project against the Zionist schemes.”

He added that Syria defended the Lebanese territories against the
Israeli enemy, noting that hundreds of gunmen infiltrated during the
past months into Syria from Lebanon.

Syria has the right to confront the armed groups which infiltrate
across the borders and carry out criminal and terrorist acts in Syria,
but we do not trespass the borders with Lebanon, the minister said.

Al-Zoubi went on to say that the security of Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq
and Syria is Arab security that cannot be fragmented.

“We hope that Jordan will not be a passage or center for any armed
terrorist group. The security of Jordan and its people concern us,
so the Jordanian leadership is required to contribute to maintaining
the security of its borders to serve the Jordanian and Syrian interests
alike,” the minister added.

Concerning Egypt, the information minister stressed that the problem
is not with President Mohammad Morsi; rather, it is with the project
of the Muslim Brotherhood in the region as all its members have been
suffering ideological and political neurosis since the 1940s.

He added that until now the Muslim Brotherhood has not established
democracy in the countries where they assumed power. They have adopted
policies that serve the U.S.-Zionist interests in the region.


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