Sanahin Monastery Reconstruction Costs Government AMD 18m.


16:52 ~U 20.06.13

An Armenian deputy minister of culture said Thursday that a sum of 18
million Drams (approx. $43,150) was spent from the state budget this
year for covering the reconstruction the Sanahin Monastery complex;

Speaking at the cabinet meeting, Arev Samuelyan noted that despite
the expenses made, they still have much work to do to complete the

Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan answered that the German, French and
Italian experts working on the project have given their positive
conclusion on the activities.

“I was there recently and saw considerable work had been carried out,”
he said, asking the deputy minister about the NGOs’ interests in the
ongoing activities.

Samuelyan said that the society, in general, demonstrates a very active
interest in questions concerning the maintenance of cultural heritage.

“Questions always arise, but those are mostly in spheres unrelated
to professional work. There is always the problem with making certain
questions public and raising awareness,” he noted.

The premier said a more active collaboration with the NGOs is needed
to make them aware of all the studies conducted by the Ministry’s

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