US urges Azerbaijani government to cease imprisoning journalists

US urges Azerbaijani government to cease imprisoning journalists

20:47, 14 June, 2013

YEREVAN, JUNE 14, ARMENPRESS: US Ambassador to OSCE Ian Kelly in his
response to Dunya Miyatovic, the special representative
on the Media problems statement called Azeri authorities to cease
imprisoning journalists, reports `Armenpress’ calling

`Azerbaijan has taken several regrettable actions in this area during
2013, including jailing journalists critical of the government;
using excessive force against reporters covering a January 12 public
protest; and culminating in the recent adoption of legislation
criminalizing defamation over the Internet, prompting your joint press
release with the Council of Europe.

We are also dismayed at the recent renewal of a smear campaign against
journalist Khadija Ismayilova. We urge the government of
Azerbaijan to abide by its OSCE commitments, cease imprisoning
journalists, thoroughly investigate instances of violence against or
intimidation of journalists related to their work, and prosecute those
responsible,’ said he.

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