The Austrian Princess Listens To Aram Khachaturyan, Admires Young Pe


June 10 2013

The 9th International Competition named after Aram Khachaturyan is
held in Yerevan, which, this year, is dedicated to detection of young
cellists. The Austrian Princess Irina zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg
was among the honored guests of the competition. had the
exclusive opportunity to conduct an interview with the Princess. It
is presented below: – You were in Armenia years ago. What was Armenia
then and how will you describe our country as of today? – The last
time I was in Armenia was 5 years ago. Now I see a lot of changes. The
first thing that attracted me during these days, was the Armenian
young people. I do not know, maybe during my previous visit I missed
something, but this time I see fresh, bright and young atmosphere
in Yerevan. Five years ago, there was no vivacity in the streets
of Yerevan, the city was not so crowded. Now your city has become
a multi-color, younger, new buildings are being built …. And it’s
not accidental that I’m talking about young people, because the mood
in every country is reflected among the youth. – Are you fond of Aram
Khachaturyan’s music. What attracts you most in those works. – I like
romantic music. And Khachaturyan’s works simply touch your soul and
heart, make you become a dreamy. Yeah, I’m romantic and I think that
people in Armenia are too romantic. There is something special in the
air of your country. Isn’t it? – The main directions of the foreign
policy in Armenia is the European integration. Getting into contact
with our culture and traditions, what do you think are we carriers
of more European, or Asian culture. – The Armenian traditions have
deep roots. We have much to learn from you. A few days ago I attended
one of your wonderful museums where ancient manuscripts are kept,
and I am very much impressed because I saw the reflection of European
history in that culture. Learn about your culture, history, thinkers
and philosophers, I realize that the European culture has deep roots in
your own land. – You’re coming from the royal family. Taking into into
account all luxury and benefits of the status, are there moments that
you have to sacrifice. – More precisely, I am from the ruling family,
because having aristocratic roots, at the same time I have seen a lot
of difficulties. From time to time, my family has lost lands because
of the war and has to start everything all over again. I think the
most important thing is to preserve the traditions. We were brought
up to the ideology that we should be proud of our family, parents and
traditions. To have a good education has a great role in this issue.

And a good education is not only a problem of money because now there
are the best chances for it. We have to think from the prospective
that we can change the world. My hope is the youth, and there are
bright young people in Armenia. I’m feeling good in your country.

Armenians are very hospitable, your national dishes are so tasty. And
the monuments … I visited a monastery that was located on the
border with Azerbaijan, the mountain top. It is so close to the sky,
it was enough to stretch your hand and you can touch God. Those are
my best memories. – Have you heard about the Armenian Genocide held
by the Ottoman Empire in the early of 20th century and what is your
position on this issue? – I have heard about it and read much. And
I think we should constantly talk about it and move the process
of recognizing and condemning the crime forward. We must fight and
condemn one of the world’s most tragic events of the 20th century. I
do not know how I can help, but the most important thing for me is
to talk much about the fact, and to find ways on how to bring the
culture and problems into our framework. In every way, we must not
let such a thing happen again. And only through good education can
withhold mankind from such tragic phenomena. Tatev HARUTYUNYAN

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