ArmRosgazprom Considering Opportunity to Import Iranian Gas in Armen

Fars News Agency, Iran
June 8 2013

ArmRosgazprom Considering Opportunity to Import Iranian Gas in Armenia

TEHRAN (FNA)- ArmRosgasprom company is ready to consider opportunities
for purchasing Iranian gas to provide Armenia with alternative imports
of natural gas, Vardan Harutyunyan, CEO and head of the ArmRosgazprom
company’s board, said.

If Iranian gas is cheaper than the Russian, then the company may do
it, he said.

Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan had earlier said Armenia
doesn’t buy natural gas from Iran after Russia raised its price
because Iranian gas is still more expensive than Russian supplies.

In 2004, the Armenian government initiated construction of
Iran-Armenia gas pipeline.

The pipeline started operating in 2007. Armenia uses Iranian gas for
generating electric power, which is sent to Iran – 3kilowatt/hour for
1 cubic meter of natural gas.

Under the agreement, Iran will send 36 billion cubic meters of natural
gas to Armenia for 20 years.

The terms of the agreement can be prolonged for five years and gas
import can be enlarged to 47 billion cubic meters.

The Public Services Regulatory Commission’s decision to increase
consumer prices for natural gas took force today.

It mean consumers using up to 10,000 cubic meters of natural gas per
month will be paying 156 thousand drams, including VAT, for one
thousand cubic meters, up from former 132,000 drams.

ArmRosgazprom CJSC, established in 1997, enjoys the sole right for
importing and distributing Russian natural gas in Armenia. Russia
conveys its gas to Armenia through Georgia. The company’s shareholders
are Russia’s Gazprom and the Armenian government. ($1 – AMD 414.92).


From: Baghdasarian

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