Armenia’s DM attends demonstrative military drillings in Tavush mili

Armenia’s DM attends demonstrative military drillings in Tavush
military unit (photos, video)

16:27 – 08.06.13

Demonstrative military drillings to show the battle-worthiness of the
Armenian soldiers were held during the reporters’ tour in one of
military units of Tavush on the initiative of the Defense Ministry.

DM Seyran Ohanyan was also on the front line. Speaking to reporters
after the drills about psychological preparedness of the soldiers, the
minister said that by participating in military preparedness classes
at shooting ground, the soldiers are getting prepared for military

`Now, in conditions of absence of wide-range of military actions when
we visit the positions, we lower our heads as we are not
psychologically ready. While during the war the soldiers do not pay
any attention to shoots, explosions, smoky territories as the war
activities psychologically prepare a soldier for the implementation of
his duty in any situation,’ Seyran Ohanyan said, adding that in
shooting grounds of some military units they have separated
territories for conducting practical classes and soon all the military
units will have them.

He said it is one of the prior criteria of European and NATO armies’

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