Millions Acquired From Toilet


2013-05-31 17:34:18

Day by day Tigran Sargsyan’s Government presents new surprises to
public, why not to the Government and the President. What was acquired
by the Government years ago, now is slowly coming out of the surface,
in particular, it appears that in the past few years bio toilets
which raised so much noise, turned out not to be bio toilets, but
just simple toilets.

Yes, just like that. The millions, which were granted to implement the
dead tourism to life, it turns out, that did not serve their purpose,
once again condemning to forever carelessness by the whole world.

One of the newcomers of the Govenment Minister Vahram Avanesyan has
recently announced about simple toilets, probably still not managing
to get acquainted with the policy of bio toilets, formed by of the

In this case, the change of the Government becomes interesting,
particularly in the Ministry of Economy. But if we set aside the
Government’s motives and consider the rotation number and the essence
of the issue, once again we will face an absurd situation- recoil of
not 10 million, but 100 million, in short disappearing of money at the
state level, which, neither Police, nor other offices do not pursue.

So, it turns out that if the Government affords millions of recoils
for obtaining only 2 toilets, then what can be expected from the
Government’s achievements and other programs. Nothing, because the
speed with which our Government is moving, allows to fix, and then to
secure the regression of Armenia’s financial, economic and, eventually,
moral sense.

Therefore, the step of the Government, that brought 2 toilets to
Armania, instead of bio toilets, once again made the Government the
gird, but millions, which are behind that, and no one cares about how
the members of the Government appear in the eyes of people, for they
are interested in spentmillions.

This, of course, has been and is a threat for national security, and
if the Government members today, wearing apostle masks, are surprised
and offended by increase of Russia’s gas price, then, at the request
of the same masks, they are allegedly forced to subsidize the price
of gas, reaffirming their role, only demonstrates their cynicism and
national interests of unlawful activities.

And the reality, concerning bio toilets, will begin to empty Armenia,
instead of filling Armenia with tourists. Because as it is possible
to blow dust in residents of Armenia, presenting simple toilets as
bio toilets, tourist will immediately understand that there ther is
no bio toilet… They will leave and close the door them behind…

Gevorg Avetisyan

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