Armenian-Russian Relations Excellent – National Security Council Sec


15:20 ~U 30.05.13

Secretary of the National Security Council Artur Baghdasaryan does
not see any crisis in Armenian-Russian relations.

“I believe Armenian-Russian relations are excellent. Armenian-Russian
political dialogue is at a high level – between the presidents and
governments, foreign ministers, security councils. Armenian-Russian
strategic cooperation is successfully developing,” he told

Two high-ranking Russian officials are to visit Armenia soon to
discuss bilateral cooperation.

As to whether Russia raising the gas price for Armenia runs counter
to strategic cooperation, Baghdasaryan said: “It is market economy.

Armenia’s situation is much better that that in other countries. You
can see the prices for individual countries on the ArmRusgasprom site.”

With respect to the gas price, Baghdasaryan believes that Armenia
and Russia will find assistance mechanisms.

“The government will take measures to ease the situation, especially
for socially vulnerable sections. Armenia and Russia will yet discuss
the issue. I think we should consider the gas price rise in recent
five years and the situation in Armenia,” he said.

Armenia should focus on developing its economy to prevent adverse
effects of price rise.

“Of course, any price rise is undesirable, but the government will
take measures,” Baghdasaryan said.

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From: Baghdasarian

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