As the power of "knowing how to forgive" is eternal in Parliament

As the power of “knowing how to forgive” is eternal in Parliament

2013-05-27 10:14:32

Ethics Commission or the Commission on the Ethics of senior officials
is a commission whose mission is to increase public confidence in the
member countries and public institutions in the implementation of a
fair system of government, as well as in the development of
high-ranking officials for a transparent and public society.

Let’s discuss the activities and work of the commission in effect. In
fact, today the phenomena which are the subject of society, remain
unpunished by the Commission. When a few months ago, the deputy of the
National Assembly Mher Sedrakian threatened and insulted the
journalist, Ethics Commission convened a meeting and made a conclusion
and as a result reached an unspeakable result. Republican Party member
Mher Sedrakian apologized to the journalist. Although before him other
officials, including Edward Sharmazanov Ashotyan also asked for
forgiveness, but, in fact, the phenomenon of violation of the rules of
ethics, was present, particularly in Parliament.

Today, all express in the way they want, they insult in the way they
want and who they want, and accordingly the commission, which is
designed to prevent such phenomena is as deaf as a post, prefers to
remain silent.

Despite the fact that the members of the commission were appointed by
the President of the Republic of Armenia in the presence Speaker of
the National Assembly, Prime Minister, the President of the
Constitutional Court, the President of the Cassation Court, the
Prosecutor General of Armenia, however, and there were still people
who believed and believe in the activities of the Commission and this
activity was to proceed from the interests of the faithful.

Thus, it appears that there is created a situation where you can
insult, “break someone’s jaw”, rape, and in the end only regret for
what you Have done, or at least apologize to all. In short, the very
high level of permissiveness today threatens to become the most
flagrant violation of human standards both in Parliament and in other

How to explain the Vice-Chairman of the Republican Party Sahakyan
expression, addressed to the deputy Postanjyan, who called the
Attorney General Aghvan Hovsepian “rogue”: “This woman must be
educated to the fact that the National Assembly – is not a track to
slow down cars, and when they do not stop to be offended.” Where is
the Ethics Commission, where are the actions that are taken in such
cases? There are not such things. And Galust Sahakyan continues to go
about his business as if nothing has ever happened.

And to mention about deputies, as well as MPs voting instead of the
other, is simply meaningless. It only remains to close the doors of
the Commission and open the doors of reality, ridding society of
unnecessary “luxury” in the form of the Ethics Commission.

In essence, the system will not be subjected to significant changes as
power and wisdom of “knowing how to forgive” are eternal.

Gevorg Avetisyan

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