Spring Sowing Implemented by 80 Percent


Monday, 20 May 2013 14:12

The spring works started the last months in the Republic
are underway.
According to the latest data of the NKR Ministry of
Agriculture, 15297.7 hectares of land are plowed, against the
11837.6 hectares for the same period of the last year. Sowing has been
implemented this year on 11999.6 hectares of land. The highest indexes
on plowing and sowing are registered in the Askeran region: 5710.7 and
5069.6 correspondingly.
As reported by the crops department of agricultural
ministry, as of May 13, 117.2 hectares are planted with wheat, 1961.5
hectares – with spelt, 630.9 hectares – with barley, 569 hectares –
with buckwheat, 633 hectares – with sunflower, and 704.1 hectares –
with potato; the works on planting forage, legumes, vegetables and
cucurbitaceous were also continued.
Struggling the weeds, pests and diseases, as well as the
recharge and irrigation works are conducted on more than 45,000
How have the recent cold weather and rains impacted the
spring works? Answering the question, chief crops department Vilen
Avetisyan noted that they had not have a negative impact, as the
temperature had been favorable. Maybe, the rains slowed the pace of
works, but they didn’t impede the spring sowing. According to Mr.
Avetisyan, the situation with the spring sowing, as compared to
previous years, is relatively hopeful, unlike the winter crops: in
low-lying areas, they were affected by the drought. However, the
extent of the damage is not assessed yet.
In any case, all the applications submitted to the
Ministry of Agriculture for getting spring sowing seeds are satisfied.
They were allocated to land users with 50-percent backing. Vilen
Avetisyan noted with satisfaction that land users have started to use
more fertilizers, or people are mastering the technology of
cultivation. In 2012, the spring sowing was conducted only on an area
of 12000 hectares. According to Mr. Avetisyan, this index has
already been achieved to date – the envisaged spring sowing is
implemented by 80%.



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