ISTANBUL: Where did these Turks pop up from?

Today’s Zaman, Turkey
May 20 2013

Where did these Turks pop up from?


The Anatolian Cultures and Food Festival held in LA is certainly a
success in many aspects. The fairground, which covers 55 hectares, is
like a microcosm of all of Turkey. Someone who has never seen Turkey
and knows nothing about the country whatsoever got to know quite a lot
about our country by touring the festival.

The replicas of Turkey’s popular sites and performances by the Ottoman
Janissary Band and whirling dervishes deserve appreciation. But I
think what makes this event unique is the idea behind it. Whether you
accept it or not, the US is the center of the world, and if you have
something to say or some richness to show, you have to do it there.
And the fact that the Armenian lobby, which opposed the festival in
the past, supported the event is the biggest evidence of its success.

From: A. Papazian

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