Gas price hike pulverized election bribe

Gas price hike pulverized election bribe

03:13 PM | MAY 17, 2013 | POLITICS

Vice Chairman of the opposition Heritage party, Armen Martirosyan
blames the Armenian National Congress (ANC) for diverting the
opposition electorate.

“For many years the ANC was trying to make the Prosperous Armenia
Party (PAP) an opposition as a result of which many voters voted for
the PAP considering it an opposition. While, after the elections, PAP
Leader Gagik Tsarukyan did not say that the PAP is not an opposition
but said it could not be an opposition. It was a frank approach but it
should have been announced earlier.

Similarly, the ANC should not have done it, though it might have had
its interests in it,” said Martirosyan.
Asked what the Barev Yerevan bloc was going to do in the newly-elected
City Council, the Heritage official said, “We shall try to reduce the
kickbacks. If opposition took seats in the City Council in 2009-2013
it would have been possible to save kickbacks in the amount of $200

Speaking about the hike in tariffs for natural gas in Armenia, Armen
Martirosyan said if people knew about the pending increase in gas
prices before the election they would not take election bribe or would
not vote for the bribers realizing that the money would be pulverized.

“The raise in the blue fuel will create the deepest tensed
social-economic condition in Armenia,” the Heritage representative
said in conclusion.

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