Armenia must be liberated – Tigran Khzmalyan

Armenia must be liberated – Tigran Khzmalyan

21:10 – 17.05.13

The Armenian Preparliament has started its rally in Freedom Square in Yerevan.

The organizers state that a process of creating a republic of new
quality is under way in Armenia now.

After the current regime has been removed, the issues of forming a new
government and involving the people in a national liberation struggle
will be discussed.

`Our government, president and prime ministers failed to lay the
foundations for a secure country,’ a Preparliament member, Vardan
Hakobyan, said.

The current policy is focused on the country leader’s interests, which
is unacceptable, he said.

The result is regularly rigged elections and people that are not
masters of their homeland. `We have colonized Armenia, and our
strategic partner Russia has laid its hands on everything,’ he said.

The Preparliament member Garegin Chukaszyan stated that the ruling
Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) has once more proved that its
political leaders are not ready listen to the people.

`We need a new way. We must realize that the opposition is life, the
people. The number of people attending this rally shows that the
problem of social tension has not been resolved in Armenia, and
political revival is high on the agenda. The political stalemate the
Preparliament warned of last year is a reality now. We are struggling
against the bankrupt political system. The country is in a pit, and no
political forces or individuals can take it out,’ he said.

The country needs employment of democratic principles, which means
citizens’ immediate involvement and formation of an active opposition
network throughout the country.

The present political stalemate creates conditions for extremes and,
on the other hand, an atmosphere of despair, which forces more people
into emigration.

`We are sure of our people’s wisdom and we deny the claims that the
people supported the authorities by voting for them. No doubt, the
people have come down to abject poverty, and we must speak of those
responsible,’ he said.

Speaking at the rally, Tigran Khzmalyan noted the major problem is
emigration. Armenia’s authorities are the only ones responsible.

`Our country has lost 50% of its population in recent 20 years. We
have lost half of our cities and villages. The population of a village
leaves the country every day,’ he said.

When the people succeed in reaching a crucial moment by means of
elections, the authorities open fire at their own people, use batons
and go on occupying the country by means of money and frauds.

Armenia’s authorities do not take the opposition into account, so they
must be shown real opposition. `We must liberate our country. That’s
why we have united round Alek Yenigomshyan [an ex-member of
theArmenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia – ASALA], and
Zgirair Sefilyan [former commander of the Shushi battalion]. We are
not representing any party nor are we going to become a party because
parties split the country. We will create real power rather than a
party,’ he said.

The people are not resisting because the authorities know the way of
dealing with them – keeping the people hungry like it was during the
Genocide, Khzmalyan said.