NKR Announced Lottery for Resettlement of NKR

NKR Announced Lottery for Resettlement of NKR

The Aparazh newspaper has published an exclusive interview with the
NKR deputy prime minister Arthur Aghabekyan where he shared details on
the state lottery initiative for the resettlement of NKR.

`The number one resource enabling resettlement without serious social
obstacles is our land resources in Kashatagh and Karvachar. We can
offer territories to resettled people and economic operators which
will create jobs. The next condition which will enable immigration is
creation of jobs in manufacturing. The NKR legislation is favorable
for running businesses and creating jobs,’ the deputy foreign minister

He informed that in 2013 the NKR government has launched a national
lottery. Profit will be spent on resettlement.

The prizes will be products produced in Artsakh, including carpets,
apartments in Stepanakert, tours to Artsakh etc. The first lottery
will be on 28 December 2013 (the day of election of the first Supreme
Council). The lottery ticket costs 2000 drams.

14:12 15/05/2013
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