Eurovision 2013 day 6: Armenia’s second rehearsal

May 11 2013

Eurovision 2013 day 6: Armenia’s second rehearsal
Posted 11 May, 2013 – 18:23 by Kristján Sveinsson

Rock outfit Dorians for Armenia delivered a credible if rather
ordinary performance of their plea for peace, Lonely Planet, during
their first rehearsals. Would they implement any changes or choose to
play it safe for their second round of rehearsals?
The staging for Armenia is the same as in the first rehearsal, with a
darkened stage and backdrop pierced by bright ochre rays. The band
have decided to stick to the same choice of wardrobe too, with
slightly grungy outfits, jeans and t-shirts that look as if they’re
straight out of a charity shop. But this is a soft rock song, so if
the band had worn tuxedos while performing, that would have looked

The band have chemistry on stage and attack their song with gusto, yet
there’s still the feeling that some oomph missing – it’s as if they’re
holding back and not going full throttle, possibly saving themselves
for the night of the semi final. There’s no denying that Gor Suyjan
has stage presence and feels completely au fait with a camera, but his
bandmates however just appear stiff and lifeless.

Dry ice on the stage floor is used to create a bit of atmosphere, it
looks superb. There is some great camera work with close ups of Gor
and sweeping shots of the stage. Pyro effects in the form of brief
spouts of flames are used towards the end of the number, followed by a
lattice like effect made from flames which is effective. A wind
machine is also used for some reason, bizarrely enough. The whole
number is topped off by short, sharp bursts of flames coming from the
edge of the stage. All in all an acceptable set of rehearsals, even
though Gor’s vocals sounded strained at times, but the whole thing
came across as rather bland and anonymoous and will have it’s work cut
out to stand out from Israel and Hungary on the night. This could very
well be the second consecutive year without Armenia in the final.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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Emil Lazarian

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