The Republican Party Of Armenia (RPA) Commission Chairman Lit Candle


May 9 2013

Not only Anahit Bakhshyan, a member of the Heritage Party, but also
the commission chairman of electoral district no. 11 is discontent
with the work of the commission of polling place no. 11/16 of the
electoral district. “There really are serious problems at polling place
no. 16; the commission chairman made, to put it mildly, organizational
mistakes,” Karen Mkhitaryan, the chairman of the electoral district
commission, said to Anahit Bakhshyan who participated
in the vote recount in the polling place at the request of the
Hello Yerevan Coalition told us that no number gotten during the
vote recount corresponded to those in the polling place record. The
polling place had recorded 9 invalid ballots, whereas during the
vote recount they found 8 invalid ballots in the sack. The number of
ballots cast for the Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP) had been 265,
whereas the recounting commission members found 264 ballots in the
sack, 7 out of which were obviously invalid, and two were cast for
the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA). “As a result, the number of
the PAP’s votes reduced by 10,” Ms. Bakhshyan said. According to the
record, the number of ballots cast for the Hello Yerevan Coalition had
been 66, 2 out of which were found invalid during the vote recount,
3 out of Armenian National Congress’s (ANC) 40 ballots were the RPA’s,
1 of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation’s (ARF) 37 ballots was
invalid, and they found only 521 out of 524 ballots recorded as cast
for the RPA in the sack during the vote recount. “There were 960
signatures on the voter registration list, whereas the real number
of votes was fewer by 2. The polling place received 1650 ballots,
but when you add the destroyed ballots to those found in the sack,
you get 1646; four ballots are not there,” Ms. Bakhshyan told us. By
the way, according to witnesses, the RPA chairman of that polling
place, lit candles in the polling place on May 5, and when asked why,
he said that he was driving evil spirits away. Arpine SIMONYAN

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