Ameria and AACC Honor Women’s Achievements

Ameria and AACC Honor Women’s Achievements

Saturday, May 11th, 2013

The honorees during the Ameria and AACC Luncheon


How often do we get to celebrate being an achiever? The Armenian
American Chamber of Commerce (AACC) does so every year. AACC’s 6th
Annual Women in Excellence Luncheon, co-sponsored by Ameria Group,
brought together 15 powerful Armenian-American women from all aspects
of life and honored them for their extraordinary achievements and
contribution to the Armenian community.

This year’s honorees include names such as Union Bank’s VP Sara Citak
Demir, Telemundo’s Director of National Sales Eliz Ghazarian
Semerjian, Western Diocese Chair Araxi Boyamian, Senator Carol Liu’s
District Director Talin Mangioglu, AGBU MDS Vartouhy
Keshishian-Kojayan and more.

For more than a year now Ameria Group Inc. has been working closely
with AACC, as one of the outstanding Diaspora organizations, that has
kept together the Armenian-American business community for years.
Alissa Asmarian, the Immediate Past Chair of AACC, says the Chamber of
Commerce has been the voice of the Armenian-American businesses and
has helped many businesses in the community achieve their full
potential: `AACC has been going strong for 13 years now; each year
adding new members to the Armenian-American business community and
creating mutually beneficial connections. AACC has gained the respect
of both Armenian and non-Armenian businesses.’

Asmarian also stressed the importance of engaging Armenia-based
businesses: `Even though Armenia is only 21 years old as an
independent republic, we are proud to see how Armenia’s business world
has progressed. Ameria Group, with headquarters in Armenia, is
modeling that very business success possible in Armenia these days. We
are proud to see companies, such as Ameria, expand beyond the borders
of Armenia and establish powerful presence in the United States
working toward building an Investment Bridge between the Diaspora and

AACC’s founder Armen Janian says, with years of experience at the
Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce, more than a decade ago had a vision
to create a similar chamber in order to connect the Armenian-American
businesses in benefit of the Armenian community. That is how the
Armenian-American Chamber was born. `I started AACC with the main
purpose to help Armenia. In think AACC’s input in representing
Armenian businesses from Armenia at International Expos is one of
chamber’s major accomplishments. I always say that people in Armenia
and from Armenia are the ones that keep Armenia alive. They are the
ones that create companies such as Ameria Group. They have the
intelligence, the knowledge, are financially well-off, know the local
mentality and yet follow world-class standards. Ameria has been
planting seeds in the diaspora and connecting the diaspora to Armenia
through Ameria’s LA office. Companies like Ameria are the future of

Ameria Group Inc’s CEO Rafi Manoukian says Ameria has been working
closely with AACC since Ameria Group’s establishment in California.
Manoukian stated that AACC’s mission is very much in line with Ameria
Group Inc’s mission to connect the Diaspora Business Community to
Armenia. `We always attend chamber’s business mixers, informing that
Armenia is a great emerging market with promising business
opportunities, now open to new franchises. Ameria itself is a great
example of business success possible in Armenia; as it has turned $
100,000 initial investment to more than $ 600 million in assets and
has become a leader in Armenia’s financial and advisory services
market.’ Ameria has been a proud member of AACC since February 2012
when it joined the AACC’s 13th Business Awards, as AACC’s new member
and Business Awards co-sponsor.

Ameria Group of Companies is an established financial and advisory
services provider based in Armenia. With more than 500 employees, $
600 million dollars in assets, branches across the country, Ameria is
performing the most aggressive development in the Armenian financial
and advisory market through a range of financial & advisory services.
Ameria Group is a winner of multiple global financial awards. It is
the only financial institution in the South Caucasus region recognized
as a Global Growth Champion in DAVOS World Economic Forum for its
exceptional growth and expertise. The group is renowned in the region
with Ameria Legal & Management Advisory, Ameriabank and Ameria Asset
Management Company. As an international pan-Armenian advisory group
Ameria has a mission to reach out to Diaspora Armenians worldwide.
Since 2011 Ameria has established a presence in Los Angeles, USA,
through Ameria Group Inc. connecting the American Diaspora to
Armenia’s promising business & investment opportunities. Ameria’s LA
office located in the heart of Glendale is a one-stop resource for all
potential investors interested in Armenia and the region.

From: Baghdasarian

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