Shushi liberation demonstrated our unity – Armenia’s DM

Shushi liberation demonstrated our unity – Armenia’s DM

15:27 – 09.05.13

Shushi has a special significance in the Nagorno Karabakh liberation
war, Armenia’s Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan said at the Victory
Park on the Day of Liberation of Shushi and Victory Day.

`With Shushi liberation we showed the unity of the Armenian people,
the military knowledge of Armenian people that comes from centuries.
Shushi operation showed the devotion and selflessness of our commander
and soldier. We are implementing a historic mission showing the role
and significance of the Armenian people on the earth. We have restored
our domination on our ancient town and united it with Motherland
Armenia,’ the minister said.

He stressed that with the liberation of Shushi the historic justice
was restored. `Because of the biased policy of Azerbaijan all the
highways from Nagorno Karabakh capital and regions were passing
through Azerbaijani settlements. During the first years after
self-determination it was very difficult to lead the life and
activity. We were forced to eliminate the shooting points and military
points created around and ensure a free territory for living,’ the
defense minister said.

Asked whether Azerbaijan seems to stop its military rhetoric and
statements about military settlement of the conflict, and whether it
is a `bluff’ Seyran Ohanyan said, `I do not think they gave up their
ideas. I think they are getting seriously prepared for the military
actions and we are getting seriously prepared to protect our

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