Oppositionist: Tigran Sargsyan Is The Chief Pickpocket Of Armenia


Tuesday, May 7, 17:42

Not the Council of Elders election were held in Yerevan but the
purchase and sale of votes, the head of the Social and Democratic
“Hchakyan” party, a member of the parliament from the ANC, Lyudmila
Sargsyan, said at today’s press-conference.

She did not want to understand that not only representatives of
Republican Party of Armenia were dishing out bribes, as members of
Prosperous Armenia Party too. As for the PAP, she said that “PAP is
neither the opposition nor the coalition, it is an alternative party
which has been demonstrating more the opposition stance”, – she said.

She also added that ANC welcomes the PAP joining the opposition field.

She thinks that at present an absolute consolidation of the out of
the power forces is necessary.

“The current authorities have picked the society’s pocket and are
robbing it without mercy, and Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan is
a chief pickpocket of the country”, she said. The politician said
that despite the efforts of the authorities, at present there are no
serious disagreements between ANC and the rest opposition forces.

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