Taking Mandates Does Not Mean Accepting Election Results – Armen Mar


14:35 ~U 07.05.13

The number 1 in Barev Yerevan alliance list at the Yerevan City
Council election Armen Martirosyan thinks that the alliance must not
only introduce the interests of their voters but the whole opposition
forces, even the voters who went to polls taking the election bribe.

“We are just trying to implement our responsibility, taking mandates
does not mean accepting the election results,” Martirosyan told the
reporters today.

He said they have not yet discussed the issue of taking or not the
mandates and are waiting for the appeal process to end. “As Armen
Martirosyan political figure, I think that in any case it will be
right to take the mandates,” he said, adding that Barev Yerevan
alliance managed to become member of the City Council without frauds.

Asked what they can do being a minority in the City Council,
Martirosyan said, “In any case we managed to be useful to some
social groups and whether we will cooperate or not with the PAP that
distributed election bribes, I will say that first the PAP is to
decide in which field they act, but if people have problem of course
we will settle it.”

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From: Baghdasarian

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