Is Kremlin Pushing Kocharyan To Act?


On the eve of his reappointment Prime Minister Sargsyan demonstrated
that Armenia already refuses Russia’s imperialistic proposals. He
met with the head of the Russian Export Credit and Investment
Insurance Agency Pyotr Fradkov who proposed cooperation. “Armenia is
already working towards setting up an insurance company for foreign
transactions, we have received assistance from the EU and Czech,”
Tigran Sargsyan refused politely.

Besides, the prime minister welcomed Gaydar readings by Russian
liberals in Armenia, for the first time outside Russia, who stated
that Putin’s policy on Eurasian Union in inevitable.

Tigran Sargsyan’s reappointment means that Serzh Sargsyan will continue
this line and Russian officials will not succeed “taking” Armenia. As
soon as it became known, Russia remembered Robert Kocharyan’s link
to corruption schemes. Notably, Putin’s administration is dealing
with this matter.

Mentioning Kocharyan in corruption schemes has a shade of interference
in Armenia’s internal affairs implying that Russia continues
to control the post-Soviet space. However, it is possible that
the Kremlin is trying to put pressure on Kocharyan to foster his
pro-Russian activities.

Prosperous Armenia Party which was expected to adopt a policy of
integration with Russia is actually in full political prostration.

Kocharyan attended Serzh Sargsyan’s inauguration, Gagik Tsarukyan
left for Dubai, and PAP has not uttered anything articulate about

Vartan Oskanian said in autumn Oskanian must declare itself
opposition. It means that the party must disagree to the European
bias of Armenia. In November Armenia is going to sign the Association
Agreement with the EU, the PACE is likely to finish monitoring of
Armenia, the EU is ready for visa facilitation and set up a free
trade agreement.

The PAP can be opposition to the foreign political bias only because
it has no ideological differences regarding domestic affairs. The
party did not stated to be against the European bias while Gagik
Tsarukyan was funding Eurasian forums and demonstratively making
friends with Lukashenko. Most probably, Kocharyan and PAP understand
that Russian integration will not bring political dividends but will
bury the party. However, Putin has not left them another way.

Russia has no other partners in Armenia. Basically, all the parties
which could not imagine themselves outside the Russian orbit changed
their vector in a few years. The Kremlin only will have to put pressure
on Kocharyan with compromising materials.

Naira Hayrumyan 11:55 25/04/2013 �Story from News:

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