Disgrace By Armenians


Struggle Must Be Struggle

The activities for international recognition of the genocide of 1915
are referred to as struggle. But is there real struggle as such? The
Diaspora Armenians and Armenian NGOs have not outlined the format
of these activities but have approved some rules which favor the
international community.

In this aspect of politics, Armenia and the Armenian NGOs posture as
if the world is neutral and indifferent to this issue but in reality
we are in an extremely aggressive environment full of different
organizations and professions which receive funding for uncovered
anti-Armenian activities.

The problem is not only the recognition of the genocide but split
and disregard of Armenian interests. People who deny intensively the
genocide occupy important places in politics, science and PR. There
are a lot of civilized and legal methods of struggle against such
people and organizations but nobody uses them. Not struggle but some
passive and controllable work is done.

As to the Russia-based Armenian organizations, they are disgrace,
and I wish they did not exist at all. With their toothless style new
conditions emerge which the Armenians either do not feel or are unaware
of. One can successfully continue with this style for another 100
years which worries very few people while different functionaries of
the nation make a lot of money by working on and against the Armenians.

James Nixey of Chatham House, U.K. deals with
Russian and Central Asian affairs. Let him deal
(+44 20 7957
5716). However, it turns out that he deals not only with this. Upon
the approval of the Chatham House leadership he controls possible
moves and connections of Armenian experts in this institution.

The issue is put clearly (there is a recording): “Armenian experts
can contact Chatham House experts only if they speak positively about
Turkey and Azerbaijan, otherwise it is impossible.” In addition,
all the Chatham House experts who can contact about this topic must
notify about requests for a meeting with James Nixey. This is not a
marginal institution but a respectable British think-tank.

Ostensibly, Chatham House has been in genre crisis for a long time now,
most experts listed on the website of the institution are titular
experts, they are not on the payroll. The institution must live on
something so it needs sponsors and it has them. This model is highly
popular in democratic countries, James Nixey successfully recruits
Armenian experts who wish to play the pro-Turkish game, including
one of the more or less successful Armenian presidential candidates
who speaks good English.

But are there people who could oppose decisive steps to anti-Armenian
activities in the U.K.? It is a group of conformists affected with
marasmus led by a fantastically rich lady named Odette Bazil who is
far beyond the Balzac age, cares only for herself and has thwarted
alternative work by literally buying this niche. This is real comedy.

In addition, the Ministry of Diaspora favors legitimacy of these

Here is the general scheme of “struggle” for the recognition of the
genocide. In other countries the situation is far more outrageous.

While about 25,000 people live in Great Britain, the Armenian
communities are far more populous in other countries.

It should be noted that the ongoing “struggle” for the recognition of
the genocide occurred in a traditional Armenian community. Internet
and the rest have destroyed the community, and it is necessary to
understand the new social and political setting in the Diaspora while
the Armenians continue to appeal against the previous historical

“Struggle” supposes different potentials and not conformism. Stop
cleaning your nails, take off your ties and put on cheap jean jackets
and pants. You might be able to get out of this humiliating and funny
situation. Our nation and interests are offended and ignored every
day with your help. Isn’t it time to change your style?

Igor Muradyan 14:29 24/04/2013 Story from Lragir.am News:

From: A. Papazian


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