Armenian Genocide Panhuman Problem – MP


16:49 ~U 24.04.13

The Armenian Genocide was really an inhuman act, which should not be
accounted for by political processes alone. Rather, it is a panhuman
problem, and the international community must sooner or later show
a proper attitude to it, Artak Zakaryan, Chairman of the Standing
Committee on Foreign Relations, Parliament of Armenia, told

Any time limits in the case of recognition of the Armenian Genocide
are unacceptable, he said.

“I believe we must continue the work that has to date been carried
out. The problem of recognition of the Armenian Genocide is not only
that of the state, but also one of the priorities of all the Armenian
organizations,” Zakaryan said.

The Armenian people has been raising the problem since 1960s. As a
result, more than 20 states have officially recognized the Armenian
Genocide, and discussions have been held in many other countries.

With response to the centennial of the Armenian Genocide to be marked
in 2015, Zakaryan said that “the international community must give
the most forceful response. Some crimes must not be forgotten even
100 years later.”

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