New Minister Of Foreign Affairs


While Armenia is busy with its domestic fuss, the country is occupying
a more and more important place in the regional geopolitics. Global
trends are already passing by us and threaten to drag Armenia into
the whirlpool of developments.

Soon the new members of government will be nominated. The press
reported that the minister of foreign affairs will be the next
ambassador to Switzerland replacing Charles Aznavour. Aznavour has
made some sharp statements, stating that an internal genocide is
committed in Armenia.

Who will Serzh Sargsyan nominate? As Armenia has stopped being a
geopolitical province, Armenia needs a bold diplomat who will come
up with initiatives and proposals and will pursue their protection.

Armenia will soon take up chairmanship at the Council of Europe,
is preparing to sign an Association Agreement with the EU, relations
with NATO are becoming closer, relations with Russia rise to a new
political level. So far the agenda of our relations was not drafted
by us but now it is time that our country proposes the agenda.

The upcoming five years will be an important historical period for
Armenia. In 2015 there will be political events relating to the
100th anniversary of the Genocide of Armenians, the recognition of
Karabakh proceeds in parallel. As Igor Muradyan says, Turkey has set
up networks for campaign for its own expansion and Armenia needs an
active creative policy in response.

The president and the minister of foreign affairs could become part
of history in 2015 either as the ones who resolved or the ones who
thwarted the Armenian cause.

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