Haypost Launches New Call Center


Haypost has launched its new Call Center intending to increase the
level of the service and customer interactions at all levels.

The Call center is equipped with the latest technologies which allow
handling multiple calls simultaneously. Interactive Voice Response
(IVR) integration ensures distribution of calls by divisions.

Additionally, call recording enables monitoring the quality of the

For that purpose, Haypost has increased the number of the Call Center
staff which was trained to meet the high-quality service requirements.

Adopting customer service professional approach and customer-driven
quality Haypost Trust Management makes one step further on the path of
modernizing and transforming the Armenian national postal operator
into one of the leaders in the sector.

“Haypost” CJSC

“Haypost Trust Management” B.V.

13:34 18/04/2013
Story from Lragir.am News:

From: A. Papazian


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