Hraparak: Ruling Party Collects Absent Citizens’ Names


08:48 ~U 17.04.13

The paper says it has learned from “well-informed sources” that the
ruling Republican Party of Armenia has started an inquiry into absent
citizens’ records ahead of the Yerevan mayoral elections.

It reportedly collects those people’s personal data from the police
passport desks to facilitate the re-election of its candidate,
incumbent Mayor Taron Margaryan.

But the political parties running for election are now aware of that
and have the list of voters absent from the country, says the paper,
adding that election commission members and proxies will follow the
voting in each precinct station on the election day (which is may 5)
to prevent false voting attempts and call for liability (including
criminal) against those engaged in such practices.

“Such a consolidation among the political parties interested in fair
voting inspires hopes for a future collaboration,” the paper says,
commenting on the report.

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