Did You Call Me A Bourgeois?


Revolutions are necessitated by time when the entire economic system
lives in a new form while the old governance hinders it. Revolutions,
more exactly coups, happen when more brazen and armed political groups
come to replace inert political groups.

There are also revolutions with pathetic post-revolutionary statements
like “Great October Socialist revolution is done, friends, hooray” but
perhaps only in Armenia is it possible to make a pathetic statement
before a revolution distorting the history and terminology of that

So, when and how does a classic bourgeois-democratic but in reality
a bourgeois revolution take place? First, it comes to replace firm
feudal relations with its sovereign monarch, aristocracy formed and
filtered for centuries, and most importantly, with a sovereign and
independent economy. A bourgeois revolution is unlikely in a colony
because there is no national bourgeoisie in colonies.

Against this background Robert Kocharyan’s words that he has come to
create a national bourgeoisie sound oracular. In fact, a national
bourgeoisie is the basis of every state, the carrier of economic
progress and the guarantor of political stability.

As one fully agrees with the thought that having bourgeoisie is
something good, do not forget to add that bourgeoisie in Armenia was
not created but was designated. Judge yourself.

1. Even the most miserable bourgeois revolution is based on
scientific progress and brings about economic progress. Both are
absent in Armenia.

2. Competition is furious for major economic entities, most of them
go bankrupt.

3. New bourgeois are as a rule representatives belong to the lower
class and have zero education, and they try to compensate it with
marriage with aristocracy or upgrade of their own education. The
first is not practiced due to absence of aristocracy, the second due
to lack of wish.

Hence, the question occurs what bourgeois-democracy revolution is
meant. In fact, everyone understands that it is an anachronism in
the 21st century. Most probably, this is a new term which will mark
the alliance of the PAP and the ANC where the PAP will symbolize
bourgeoisie while the ANC will symbolize democracy.

Here is a medley which does not include the society, civil standards
and most probably Samvel Alexanyan and Ruben Hairapetyan. But they
are bourgeoisie, aren’t they?

Artur Remyan 16:01 16/04/2013 Story from Lragir.am News:


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