Prosperous Armenia Denies Financial Ties With ANC


April 16, 2013 | 12:37

YEREVAN.- Prosperous Armenia and its leader Gagik Tsarukyan have never
been inseparably linked with any political force that could be an
obstacle for their own political line, spokesperson for the party said.

Tigran Urikhanyan commented on possible pressure on his party and
“an attempt to break away from the Republican Party of Armenia.”

At the Tuesday press conference, Urikhanyan said Prosperous Armenia’s
political line is clear to the voters, and people know what to expect.

Asked to comment on the remark of first president Levon Ter-Petrosyan
regarding bourgeois-democratic revolution, Tigran Urikhanyan said
that he believes that Armenia needs a revolution – agricultural,
scientific revolution.

As to the rumors about financial ties with the Armenian National
Congress (ANC), Urihanyan said he does not know “where such rumors
are coming from.”

“We are building our relationship with this and other political forces
based on common interests visible to the voters,” he added.

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From: Baghdasarian

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