Armenian Environmentalist Pressed By Means Of Law – Activists


20:26 ~U 15.04.13

The minor court of Yerevan’s Arabkir and Kanaker-Zeitun communities
held a hearing of environmental activist Yeghiya Nersesyan’s case
on Monday.

A number of environmentalists held a protest in front of the court.

One of the protesters, Gevorg Safaryan, told journalists that the
environmentalists are sure the problem is not a conflict between Dino
Gold Company and Yeghya Nersesyan.

“Mass media have repeatedly reported what Yeghya has said, without
any response to follow. Yeghya’s statement in the United States caused
some people’s indignation that they would not get monies. So they are
trying to press the environmentalist by means of law,” Safaryan said.

Deno Gold Mining Company based in Kapan, Armenia, is suing Yeghya
Nersesyan for slander. The company is accusing the environmentalist
that, at a meeting with Armenian community representatives in the USA,
he mentioned violations of miners’ rights.

Safaryan pointed out a grave environmental situation in Armenia,
and activists are repeatedly drawing public attention to the fact,
which affects mining companies’ interests.

Environmentalist Apres Zohrabyan told that Nersisyan was sued
only after he made his statement in the United States.

“They are receiving loans from international companies, which indicate
the companies’ social and environmental responsibility. They are
afraid of losing the loans,” he said.

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