Turan: Azerbaijan wants to get out of custody of OSCE commitments in

Turan: Azerbaijan wants to get out of custody of OSCE commitments in
order to again fabricate elections

19:42 13/04/2013 >> SOCIETY

As the Azerbaijani news agency “Turan” reports, the statement of Elmar
Mammadyarov, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan, on the
inadmissibility of blackmailing the Azerbaijani government by a number
of OSCE member countries, was like a voice crying in the wilderness.

The agency notes that by saying blackmailing, Mammadyarov meant the
willingness of “a number of countries” to veto the plans of Baku in
reducing the status of the OSCE office in Azerbaijan. It also says
that when Mammadyarov speaks of “a number of members No., then behind
this vague index names of at least 27 countries of the European Union
are concealed.

According to “Turan”, there are two versions of such an open lose-lose
confrontation of Aliyev’s administration with the Western community:
First, the Government of Azerbaijan wants to build and use military
potential against Armenia, and that’s why wishes to get out of custody
of the OSCE commitments. Second, the government of Azerbaijan plans to
fabricate the presidential elections again and therefore seeks to
weaken the control of the OSCE over the electoral process, the agency

“The recent critical statements of Mubariz Gurbanli and Aydin
Mirzazade, MPs from the ruling party “Yeni Azerbaijan”, were addressed
to the OSCE Minsk Group on the Nagorno Karabakh conflict settlement
process. These statements are in favor of the first version. But they
sound much weaker than the blackmail addressed to the OSCE, NDI and
the other Western structures at the president’s level, the head of his
administration, and other officials, for non-interference in the
internal affairs of the country in response to the notes about
violations of international human rights and freedoms,” Turan reports.

The authors note that in past years the Azerbaijani regime rushed into
the arms of Russia at the slightest overpressure, but today these arms
are closed for the Azerbaijani officials who “armed with cash bags,
unsuccessfully try to establish the interrupted dialogue.”

“Staff of the guests of the International Economic Forum in Baku,
where there were no officials from Brussels and Moscow, showed that
the regime is increasingly pressed in the arms of isolation, which
today is formed by the European-Russian arc,” Turan writes.
On March 14 the U.S. permanent representative to the OSCE Gary Robbins
told the OSCE Permanent Council in Vienna about the plans of the
official Baku to limit the authorities and missions of the
Organization in Baku.

Source: Panorama.am

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