Ex-PM Bagratyan not to run for Yerevan City Hall

Ex-PM Bagratyan not to run for Yerevan City Hall

16:17 – 14.04.13

Hrant Bagratyan, a former prime minister who now heads the opposition
Freedom party, is not going to take part in the Yerevan municipality

In a Facebook post, the ex presidential candidate, thanks the Yerevan
residents who supported him in the February 18 election, in the
meantime offering his apologies for not joining the race.

`The city needs serious reforms. I would even say it has to be built
anew. It lacks governance, budget and banks; there’s no proper

In legal terms, Yerevan is a city without a citizen. I look at the
political forces running [for election]. None has a serious text
composed in a couple of lines; just high-flown approaches,’ says the
politician in a Facebook post.

He further asks the Yerevan residents to visit his homepage to get
familiarized with his political and economic clauses intended to
improve the capital city.

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