Azerbaijan’s intentions are not realistic

Azerbaijan’s intentions are not realistic


Azerbaijan and Turkey are trying to divide Iran. Today specialists on
Iranian studies Armen Israyelyan and Rudik Yaralyan announced during a
meeting with reporters.

“On March 30, the Liberation Front of South Azerbaijan organized a
conference in Baku, which was attended by Azeri Majlis deputies, the
purpose of which was to discuss the unification of Iran’s 3
north-western provinces to Azerbaijan” Mr. Israelian said.

Ruben Yaralyan mentioned: “The Azerbaijani authorities tried to blame
Iran, Armenia and Russia on the mentioned issue that they are starting
to use Talish factor as a political lever used against Azerbaijan”.

According to the words of the specialists on Iranian studies Armen
Israelyan Iran should implement more strict policy. “The United States
tends to hold lenient policy towards Iran. Azerbaijan’s intentions
towards Iran are not realistic; however other image would be if the
West were interested in carrying out military operations against
Iran”,- Mr Israelian said.

Due to him, as a result of this intention of Turkey and Azerbaijan the
relations of Iran and Armenia may be slightly affected, but as whole
anti-Armenian movements are not observed.

“There are groups that are guided by Turkey and Iran, but they are
minority”,- specialist on Iranian studies concluded.

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