Does Show Continue? Why Have Some Of Raffi Hovhannisyan’s Ballots Be


April 3 2013

“Show must go on,” Armen Martirosyan, the deputy leader of the Heritage
party, recalled Freddie Mercury’s famous song during a conversation
with , while assessing the fact that as a result of
examination of the documents and the ballot sack at no.

17/05 polling place in the region of Ararat carried out by the Special
Investigative Service (SIS) yesterday, it turned out that in the sack
with ballots cast for R. Hovhannisyan, a candidate for president,
there were 432 ballots, 421 of which were cast for R. Hovhannisyan. In
particular, according to the results of the examination, 5 ballots
cast for Serzh Sargsyan, a candidate for president, 1 ballot cast
for Andrias Ghukasyan, a candidate for president, were also among the
ballots cast for R. Hovhannisyan, and 5 ballots were found spoiled,
since the vote was not taken in accordance with the procedure. While
answering our questions regarding this fact, Mr. Martirosyan stressed
questions whether only that incident was recorded and whether
there had not been ballots cast for other candidates in the sack
with ballots cast for Serzh Sargsyan. Let us note that no official
information about this has been spread yet. As it has been informed,
the SIS has been examining the ballots cast for Serzh Sargsyan since
yesterday. With regard to this fact, A. Martirosyan mocked: “It turns
out that there were so many violations among Serzh Sargsyan’s votes
that they are still counting.” Commenting on this situation, Mr.

Martirosyan stated: “All this proves once again that everything
happened at that polling place, except for voting.” Let us remind that
when the Heritage Party demanded that the ballot sacks at some polling
places be opened, they had fears that because of delaying it for such
a long time, they might arrange the sacks in advance. Therefore,
we inquired of A. Martirosyan whether this fear might prove to be
accurate. He replied: “Everything is possible in the Republic of
Armenia. For example, there is an article on , in which
an old man said in Artik that he had been given 5000 drams to vote
for Serzh Sargsyan, but he had voted for Raffi Hovhannisyan.” Tatev

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