How Pap Got Big And Rich


Raffi Hovannisian appealed the Prosperous Armenia party to attend
his swearing in ceremony on April 9 saying that the “trajectory of
this big and rich party” is fused after February 18.

In reality, the trajectory of the “big and rich” PAP has always
been fused either before or after February 18, or rather, it has
always been clear as it is either before and after February 18. The
“secret” is right its being a “big and rich” party. The trajectory
of the party may seem fused to Raffi Hovannisian but it is quite clear.

What it means to be a big and rich party in Armenia. Who and how gets
rich in Armenia? The rules and conditions of becoming rich in Armenia
are clearly defined. Consequently, the behavior stems from the rules
and conditions, and the bars depend on them too.

PAP behaves as a classical unit which grew and got rich in Armenia
according to the defined bars. PAP is dissatisfied with the reality
because it has no other resources to realize but only the bigness
and the richness, consequently, the PAP will have to express
its dissatisfaction within the frameworks of the resources it has
otherwise the situation will change and it will lose its resources –
the bigness and the richness.

Raffi Hovannisian is trying to set a new bar for the PAP maybe without
even expecting that the PAP will agree hence underlining the bar
on which the party is at the present moment. For Hovannisian it is
an important and strategic issue taking into account the upcoming
Elders’ Council election. PAP is pretending to push back Heritage
from the second place and take it again completely, like it was before
February 18.

In this sense, PAP’s status is fused, but not the trajectory.

HAKOB BADALYAN 14:11 03/04/2013 Story from News:

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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Emil Lazarian

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