Khoren Abrahamyan Would Turn 83



Khoren Abrahamyan, a famous Armenian actor and director, a true
citizen of Yerevan, would become 83 on April 1, 2013.

He held many leading roles in theater productions and cinema-and later
became a director-with over 30 films to his credit-including “The Song
of the First Love, “The Saroyan Brothers,” and “We and Our Mountains”
which portray his dramatic taste, psychological restraint and depth,
chiseled speech and image.

Abrahamyan’s art was unique and bold with a deep sense of modernity.

He was not only a great actor, but also a wonderful director whose
entire life was linked to the Mother Theater. Abrahamyan played
numerous roles at the Sundukyan Drama Theater, such as Romeo, Pepo,
Othello, Ara Geghetsik and many others.

Khoren Abrahamyan graduated from the Acting Department of Yerevan
Fine Arts and Theatre Institute in 1951. Since then he worked as an
actor, later – director and the executive director of the Sundukyan
Drama Theater. He was also the artistic director of the Ajemyan
Drama Theatre of Leninakan. Unfortunately, Abrahamyan did not live
in Armenia for several years. He returned to Yerevan in 2004 and died
of heart attack in the same year.

Abrahamyan’s body was carried on the arms of admirers and colleagues
accompanied by the music of his most famous film “The Song of the
First Love”. His body was carried through the streets of Yerevan to
the Sundukyan Theater where he first performed, then he was laid to
rest at the Komitas Pantheon.

Today there is a need for his type of intellectual.

Happy birthday, Big Armenian and Dear Master!

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