YSU- Participator Of RPA. Who Is To Blame?


2013-03-27 23:38:28

Presidential elections, besides changing some reality facts in the
political field, registered another, and, perhaps more important
reality. Yerevan State University as the state’s educational, number
one scientific institution in which the policy can not dictate with
its dirty feet, does not exist. An “object” called YSU, is, of course,
still working, making profitable students’ thousands of dollars,
which is not clear, but gives “product” under the name of education
and profession. But it has nothing to do with the same University
that during the Soviet made the Communist Party be nervous, mame
made the same Communist Party respect and reverence the teachers
working there, many of whom could make students stand and made the
totalitarian system accept some truths.

Aram Simonyan finally managed to reach the overarching goal, to turn
the university into a participator of the Republican Party, amorphous,
independence without some kind of phenomenon.

After famous incident concening the strike, when, we can say, one
of the lecturers, Ararat Mirzoyan, who had demanded YSU rector’s
assistant’s resignation of Ararat Mirzoyan, was fired, the rector
said that those, who signed for the resignation of his assistant
“seldom have regularly classes at the University and do not express
the opinion of the University” and there were just two employees,
who expressed different opinions from YSU.

Is Aram Simonyan’s this observation true? Of course. YSU rector ois
well aware of the atmosphere in his University. No lecturer will
dare to come with different point of view, moreover, to be engaged
in opposition activities.

“The university is outside the sphere of political struggle, I am a
member of a party, there are a lot of party members in our University,
lecturers, students, staff, but all of these conditions apply outside
the University…”, in the same interview Simonyan continues inventing

And the reality different from the tale is that University professors
have long turned into “non-political” phenomena, because they
understand that out of the Republican Party they can not have anthing
to do with politics.

Of course, this irreversible atmosphere also left traces on scientific
activities of YSU employees. Lecturers, fearing to lose their job
and not to be able to support their family, being in not so enviable
social situation, without any hesitation agree to the proposed grants.

And as we know, nothing is free in this life, and especially foreign
payers are not interested in spending money for the sake of the
Republic of Armenia, for the sake of national interests. As a result,
the majority of grants persues anti-national goals. And especially YSU
professors of Aramsimonyan serve for such a purpose. The lecturers,
who during these years have been broken by all possible and impossible
means by Aram Simonyan and its mentor, preacher, Education and Science
Minister Armen Ashotyan.

Lusine Kesoyan

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress


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Emil Lazarian

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